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Case Management

Following severe injury, there can be many people involved in your treatment, rehabilitation and care.


As your Case Manager, we play a key role in helping you and your family to access and coordinate the supports you require including; medical treatment, rehabilitation, equipment, home and vehicle modifications, attendant care and community services. This involves establishing a collaborative partnership with your multidisciplinary health professionals, local providers and your funding scheme.


Our Case Managers will assist you to plan for things that you want to do and achieve. This culminates in the development of a rehabilitation plan which conveys your aspirations and goals to guide all involved.


Our Case Managers can help you to:

  • understand and learn to manage changes that might have occurred due to your injury
  • facilitate connections with others in a similar situation
  • assist you to navigate the healthcare system and your local community networks
  • identify your short and long term goals
  • understand the guidelines of your funding scheme and what they will pay for
  • identify and request approval for services on your behalf
  • consider alternative sources of support and/or funding for services that do not fall within your funding scheme guidelines
  • select service providers and organise services with them
  • monitor the services you're receiving
  • review your progress and work with you to re-consider goals, strategies and supports as required to achieve your goals

Following severe injury, goals for rehabilitation usually move through a continuum of initial focus on injury recovery, through to maximising independence in usual daily activities, to finally maintaining a chosen way of life. At Rehab 360, our Case Managers are available to assist you at any stage throughout this continuum. As your needs change our case management services will change with you.